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Hello! I am an animator and a future game developer, and I go by "SpiceDawg", "SpiceDawgX", or "Agent64".

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Agent64's News

Posted by Agent64 - August 31st, 2015

I saw my first concert!

First Blue Oyster Cult played, then Boston played... it was awesome! (understatement) It's weird to think that I was just seeing them perform last night.

Boston sounded like a record; I was in the nosebleed seats, and their music still reached out to my soul. Blue Oyster Cult played a handful of goodies, but some of their songs bored me just a tad bit.

The ticket thing said there was going to be a third band, called Shooting Star, or something...? (Seems fitting, because this was in the Starlight Theatre) Anyway, I never saw them.

I wish I could share this experience with those who didn't see it, because it was unlike anything I've ever really seen... sure, you could see videos of these concerts, but actually being there is much different. But most people have probably seen many concerts, and are used to this... I'm just over-reacting because it was my first concert. XD

Wow, I haven't made a news post in a while lol

Posted by Agent64 - June 13th, 2015

Hi guys, I don't do art that often, but UPDATE! I will be doing more.

Speaking of update, I had the idea of making "Update Drawings" for whatever first-world dilemma I'm complaining about; that way, there will be no need for complaining! Besides, this will give me more things to draw from day to day, therefore, there will be more content.

My first Update Drawing:

Posted by Agent64 - May 21st, 2015

I had my first gig today... and to say the least, it was rather interesting.

My gig members and I practiced numerous times and we eventually sounded amazing as a group (we were practicing to perform Kansas's Carry On Wayward Son, my favorite song in fact); and they all did amazing, but when the actual performance came around, that's when it got a little intense...

I had my hopes up extremely high; I was like, "there's no way there's gonna be any mistakes". And technically, there wasn't; but right there, right then, I had some pretty bad luck: my guitar strap broke.

The vocalist did his part. He was amazing. The drums came in, and I was ready. We played the first two main riffs. We sounded amazing. The intro solo, everyone was doing amazing, except when my strap broke. I was struggling every note, holding the guitar up on my lifted knee.

Luckily, I could sit out the first verse. However, I didn't have enough time to fix my strap even then; the drummer quickly gave me a stool to sit on so I could fix it (he spared me well; I was so silently gratified that he had done that, otherwise I would've struggled through the whole thing and messed up the entire gig).

Then, my part of the verse comes in (where everything else kicks in), and I'm not doing so well; the strap's still broken, and I had to stand up to set the effects pedal to clean. But, luckily, the stool's there, so I'm saved for now. Chorus and main riff again; gotta stand up to push the petal to distroted, but fast enough not to miss it.

So that part's okay. I sit down and play the main riff. But then, I have to stand up once more to set the effects petal back to clean, for the second verse. But I wasn't fast enough; the second verse already started.

But this left me the opportunity to fix the strap. So I did, and I sat out the rest of the first half of the second verse, and came in on the second half, the way I normally would've in the first verse.

The rest of the performance, we all did great; I couldn't have done that alone, especially thanks to the drummer for giving me a helping hand.

At first I was really kind of pitying the strap incident; I heard the crowd cheering, but I figured it was for the other guys' amazing talents.

But I realized something; the song was kind of teaching me with its own lyrics.

"Carry on my wayward son". I did that, sorta. My strap broke, and I could've been freaking out and demanding the band to stop playing, but, I didn't.

"I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high". I was. I got my hopes up way too high, really expecting this to be a flawless gig; but really, it was my first gig, so I really shouldn't expect it to be perfect.

People told me it was a good recovery. I was starting to think they were only telling me that to be nice, but I thought on that. True, it would've been hundreds of times better had the strap not broken, but it did, and I guess for what happened, it went much better than what I was about to do: stop the band to fix my strap. It wasn't in anyone's control that it happened, there was no booing, plus, we sounded great afterwards (as a group; once again, I couldn't have done it alone). There was cheering.

Nonetheless, it's been a crazy, almost life-changing experience, all in a day's work. In the end, I was rather proud of the recovery (not to boast), and I've seen Angus in an ACDC concert, when his strap broke; he continued, and nobody seemed to care. The strap incident threw me off a bit, but the rest of the performance, wasn't bad.

It taught me something, and I hope it teaches you something, too: don't get your hopes up, and should you be disappointed, carry on. That's what the song has told me all along, really.

Playing in a gig was fun nevertheless, despite the unluckiness, and I'm still motivated to do any more gig opportunities that come up.

Plus, it was the last day of shool, so yay :D

Posted by Agent64 - May 17th, 2015

So I have a really cool Flash animation coming up (I won't give any details, because it's a surprise). Thanks to Wade Fulp, I have anough space to upload it, so that problem's been taken care of; but if there's not one problem, there's another.

I come to NewGrounds seeking more help. You see, Flash never used to do this, but when I export an SWF, the sound timing gets completely butchered (either far too early or far too late). I tried dorking around in some of the Publish settings, and setting it to a higher bitrate sort of helped, but not to the extent that I intend.

Now, it does get fixed when I convert them to videos (via Swivel). However, for the sake of Actionscript, this video must be an SWF.

Would anyone mind telling me (if they know) how to fix this?


Posted by Agent64 - March 28th, 2015

Hello, people of NewGrounds. I return with some good news; I have just released the first episode of The Video Game Man!

It took a while, because I wasn't the only one working on it; it was a bit of a collaboration, and I certainly couldn't have done it alone. My sister Cyanicus (formerly known as Burning Blueness) made the title art, character designs, and the intro music as well (link: http://burningblueness.newgrounds.com/). Jaysummers also contributed with music, and he made the awesome composition in the montage scene (link: http://jaysummers759885.newgrounds.com/). I also had Plasmarift and Ultimaburnie voice act for this video; Plasmarift mainly did the voices for VG Man (link:http://plasmarift.newgrounds.com/) , and Ultimaburnie did the voices for Glenn and the Boss (link:http://ultimaburnie.newgrounds.com/).

Anyways, here's the video:


Hope you guys (and gals) enjoy! :3

Posted by Agent64 - January 7th, 2015

At school, there was this beautiful girl I saw quite a few times, and the other day, I finally summoned the courage to tell her how amazing I thought she was. I told her I wanted to get to know her, so basically, simply put, I asked her out. Instead of a yes or no, I got a "maybe".

Well, I didn't know if this was because she was too nice to say no, but I wanted to stay open-minded, so I figured, perhaps she just needed time to think about it. So then, the time comes, and she says "I don't think today will work".

I figured this was just a straight-forward "no", and I didn't want to ask the next day or any further, because even though she said "today", this basically implies never (unless I'm wrong), and plus, I don't want to be hassling or anything.

But I don't know where to go from here, and this is where I need some help from an expert; I don't want to give up on her, if that's still an option. You just don't come by girls like her every day.

Posted by Agent64 - December 24th, 2014

Hello, everybody! Hope y'all are enjoying the holidays.

So, I just released a little surprise animation called "Charles n' Charlie in Christmas Craziness". I'll probably do more episodes, which is why I consider it a surprise animation, because I made no announcement ahead of time that I would be doing this series. I was kind of inspired by the animated portions of Monty Python, along with Terrance and Phillip. I decided to make a Christmas short with sort of the same style, and I enjoyed making it. I hope to make more episodes and enjoy making those as much as I did with this one.

On another note, the first episode of The Video Game Man is pretty much done, I just need a few things from my voice actors is all. I do hope that the progression of this series will be much faster after the release of the current episode, because I've been working on it for over a year. Although that is partially excuseable, considering that I am the only one doing the general animation, whereas some cartoon series consist of several animators, I still think I probably could've made this faster than I did.

Also, I've kind of discovered a new talent: writing. I've been writing some stuff on a Wordpad document, and it's quite fun! It's sometimes better than animating, because you can really get everything out there quickly, and express yourself through your words. Although I'm not always the best story writer, I still enjoy it; I guess I enjoy anything I'm not so great at. XD

Well, anyways, happy holidays to all!

Posted by Agent64 - December 4th, 2014

Over my history of being an animator, things have changed and accumulated very much. I have been rather independent, but have relied on the contributions of friends overtime. I would like to take this time to aknowledge these people.

Well, most recently, I started working with jaysummers759885 (whom I will refer to as Jay). I haven't done too much with him, but I found out about his musical talents just by surfing around NewGrounds. When I started listening to a few of his songs, I was immediately impressed. Jay wrote a song that I used in Punch Fails 2, called Surge. Since then, I've had a few conversations with him via NewGrounds, and he was willing enough to write a commission for the VG Man series; amazingly, he wrote it in about a day or so (maybe less, maybe more; I forget exactly how long it took). Well, anyways, he wrote it pretty fast, and it was also amazing. In words, it's hard to describe how greatful I am and how amazing these talents of his are, but for those of you who would like to hear his incredible compositions, here's a link: http://jaysummers759885.newgrounds.com/

In some of my earlier videos, I had a little bit of character speech, but no voice actor. I did not consider myself very good at voice acting at the time, so I resorted to just cutting out all of the character speech. However, I then found out about the ability to collaborate on NewGrounds via The Collabinator. There, I mentioned my requests of voice acting needs, and immediately, here came two talented voice actors, UltimaBurnie and Plasmarift. This was really my first time collaborating with people other than my sister on videos, so it was new. But they were willing to contribute to this, which was pretty awesome. At first, I thought I only needed one, so I thought I would have to choose between them; but I realized that having two would seem more logical. Well, they've done good so far, and they're voice acting talents will be used in the VG Man series, with PlasmaRift as Ivan, and UltimaBurnie as Glenn.  Well, anyways, here's a link to them: http://plasmarift.newgrounds.com/     http://ultimaburnie.newgrounds.com/

Then there's arbelamram. I had him do the music for Kitty, which was quite awesome. His music really is pretty impressive to me, and even though I haven't relied on his talents too much, I think he's quite a great composer. His variety of songs is what really came to my attention, also the fact that he writes it so quickly, kind of like Jay. He also wrote a handful of songs for a game concept I had at the time, which I'll probably pick up later. His contributions have been useful, and I can see his talents being used for a future game development company someday (maybe that's not what he plans on doing/maybe things will happen differently, but I can see his talents going far). If you want to hear his awesome songs, here's a link:     http://arbelamram.newgrounds.com/

And last but certainly not least (I could say best for last, but I'm not one to compare to others), my sister Burning Bluness. Well, of course, she's contributed to being a good sister, but also many things along the way. I mean, voice acting, additional drawings, additional animation, music, you name it, she's done it. What can I say? She's contributed in so many ways, that I've pretty much lost count. Some small, some large, they've all been good contributions. Most recent of which has been the VG Man series, with the title art and the intro music. I will also feature these talents throughout the series, and hopefully in other ways. And of course, if you would like to see a wide range of content, here is the link: http://burningblueness.newgrounds.com/

I'd also like to take the time to aknowlege my fans, who have supported me and have kept me motivated on NewGrounds. I recommend taking a visit to their pages, because they are quite awesome people.

Well, these are some of the people who have contributed to not just being good at the things that I have requested, but also have contributed to being people who I can call friends. Sure, maybe not in person, all except for Burning Bluness, but still friends to me. There have also been a few indirect contributions in which I am greatful for as well, for those involved.

Posted by Agent64 - November 16th, 2014

So, you know Kitty? That video I made? Also mentioned in the previous news post? Something kinda crazy happened...

Well, to me to this is quite a big deal, but to others, this is probably kinda meh news. But, it still excites me quite a bit, so I'll share it with you, anyway. :3

Kitty was frontpaged. Yeah. I could not believe it! It wasn't under the featured movies section, but it was still quite a surprise to me. This is why I like NewGrounds quite a bit more than YouTube, because it's easier to get an audience. I mean, my hard work finally payed off! I don't mean to boast or anything, but I'm kinda proud of where this led me to.

Once again, it's probably no big deal, and most of you probably don't care. I just wanted to thank all of you who have helped me get to this, and those who have contributed to being a great audience. :D

And, because I like to keep pictures of memorable things, I took a snapshot:

Holy crap this just happened...

Posted by Agent64 - November 12th, 2014

There's a new animation uploaded here. It's called Kitty. You should watch it now. WATCH IT! WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! LINK: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648600

Anyways, just kidding. Only watch it out of self interest, not because I asked (although that would be nice :3). For those of you who are interested, here's a little bit of info.

I finished this in July, so it's been a few months... I did upload it to Youtube that same weekend in which it was completed, but, the only reason I didn't upload it here, was because things were a little complicated at the time. (read prior to my Change of Plan article, along with that article itself, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about). Also, it was originally going to be an SWF, but because the file size kinda exploded into 50 MB, I had to use a video format instead, because the limit is higher when it's a video.

But it's about time I pitched something decent in. I mean, not to boast anything. But I won't lie; I am proud of it. :3

I just wanted to throw that out there, for you fans and stuff, in case you were bored and needed a little something to entertain yourselves with. 

And with all of that being said, goodbye, people of Newgrounds. Article closed.