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Just a Little Shout-Out to Some Awesome Folks

Posted by Agent64 - December 4th, 2014

Over my history of being an animator, things have changed and accumulated very much. I have been rather independent, but have relied on the contributions of friends overtime. I would like to take this time to aknowledge these people.

Well, most recently, I started working with jaysummers759885 (whom I will refer to as Jay). I haven't done too much with him, but I found out about his musical talents just by surfing around NewGrounds. When I started listening to a few of his songs, I was immediately impressed. Jay wrote a song that I used in Punch Fails 2, called Surge. Since then, I've had a few conversations with him via NewGrounds, and he was willing enough to write a commission for the VG Man series; amazingly, he wrote it in about a day or so (maybe less, maybe more; I forget exactly how long it took). Well, anyways, he wrote it pretty fast, and it was also amazing. In words, it's hard to describe how greatful I am and how amazing these talents of his are, but for those of you who would like to hear his incredible compositions, here's a link: http://jaysummers759885.newgrounds.com/

In some of my earlier videos, I had a little bit of character speech, but no voice actor. I did not consider myself very good at voice acting at the time, so I resorted to just cutting out all of the character speech. However, I then found out about the ability to collaborate on NewGrounds via The Collabinator. There, I mentioned my requests of voice acting needs, and immediately, here came two talented voice actors, UltimaBurnie and Plasmarift. This was really my first time collaborating with people other than my sister on videos, so it was new. But they were willing to contribute to this, which was pretty awesome. At first, I thought I only needed one, so I thought I would have to choose between them; but I realized that having two would seem more logical. Well, they've done good so far, and they're voice acting talents will be used in the VG Man series, with PlasmaRift as Ivan, and UltimaBurnie as Glenn.  Well, anyways, here's a link to them: http://plasmarift.newgrounds.com/     http://ultimaburnie.newgrounds.com/

Then there's arbelamram. I had him do the music for Kitty, which was quite awesome. His music really is pretty impressive to me, and even though I haven't relied on his talents too much, I think he's quite a great composer. His variety of songs is what really came to my attention, also the fact that he writes it so quickly, kind of like Jay. He also wrote a handful of songs for a game concept I had at the time, which I'll probably pick up later. His contributions have been useful, and I can see his talents being used for a future game development company someday (maybe that's not what he plans on doing/maybe things will happen differently, but I can see his talents going far). If you want to hear his awesome songs, here's a link:     http://arbelamram.newgrounds.com/

And last but certainly not least (I could say best for last, but I'm not one to compare to others), my sister Burning Bluness. Well, of course, she's contributed to being a good sister, but also many things along the way. I mean, voice acting, additional drawings, additional animation, music, you name it, she's done it. What can I say? She's contributed in so many ways, that I've pretty much lost count. Some small, some large, they've all been good contributions. Most recent of which has been the VG Man series, with the title art and the intro music. I will also feature these talents throughout the series, and hopefully in other ways. And of course, if you would like to see a wide range of content, here is the link: http://burningblueness.newgrounds.com/

I'd also like to take the time to aknowlege my fans, who have supported me and have kept me motivated on NewGrounds. I recommend taking a visit to their pages, because they are quite awesome people.

Well, these are some of the people who have contributed to not just being good at the things that I have requested, but also have contributed to being people who I can call friends. Sure, maybe not in person, all except for Burning Bluness, but still friends to me. There have also been a few indirect contributions in which I am greatful for as well, for those involved.