Entry #20

I saw Boston and Blue Oyster Cult in Kansas City last night!

2015-08-31 13:33:18 by Agent64

I saw my first concert!

First Blue Oyster Cult played, then Boston played... it was awesome! (understatement) It's weird to think that I was just seeing them perform last night.

Boston sounded like a record; I was in the nosebleed seats, and their music still reached out to my soul. Blue Oyster Cult played a handful of goodies, but some of their songs bored me just a tad bit.

The ticket thing said there was going to be a third band, called Shooting Star, or something...? (Seems fitting, because this was in the Starlight Theatre) Anyway, I never saw them.

I wish I could share this experience with those who didn't see it, because it was unlike anything I've ever really seen... sure, you could see videos of these concerts, but actually being there is much different. But most people have probably seen many concerts, and are used to this... I'm just over-reacting because it was my first concert. XD

Wow, I haven't made a news post in a while lol


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