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Hello! I am an animator and a future game developer, and I go by "SpiceDawg", "SpiceDawgX", or "Agent64".

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Agent64's News

Posted by Agent64 - November 9th, 2014

You know what? You're probably tired of waiting (for what little fans I have, that is), and I'm tired of waiting. I'm only going to upload the good stuff. Not the crappy, old animations; sure, they were historic in my animation process, but they still sucked. Not to mention, if you really want to see them THAT badly, then just watch them at my website. (www.cameraco.co).

I have a lot of animations that I really wanted to put on here, but I was putting those aside until I had my older animations uploaded, so that everything was in order. I'll still upload things in order (for the most part, of course), but I'm not going to upload everything anymore. There will be a lot more animations in the next week or so, and they'll definitely be better than what you've been seeing.

I guess I will upload a few classics, such as Punch Fails (really, only because I wanted to upload the sequel). But I'll skip most of the old stuff, just because I really want to contribute some decent stuff.

Well, I hope this excites some of you a little. My goal is to entertain people, and so far, I haven't really been doing that, and it's not like uploading any of the other crappy videos would change that. So, with that being said, expect better stuff. Also, I'll still upload Mario VS Sonic, but I'll do that when it's finished. I'll also do that with a few other videos, just so I can have a more broad range of things to watch in the mean time, while you viewers wait for the next video to be finished.

Teh End

PS, I'm ditching ARO, because it sucked. I guess it worked for Yottabyte, but for parodies, it's just not practical, and... that would mean I would have to make my own sound effects and all. So, yeah. I guess it seems more professional sometimes to make everything yourself, because like I say sometimes, if you want something done, you do it yourself, but at the same time, if you don't rely on other people's doings at all in life, then things are going to suck for you. I mean, I'm using a computer to type this, and computers are obviously not my invention, so... yeah, I've made my point. Ramble closed.


Okay, I lied. One last thing:  Happy late Halloween. NOW this thing is closed. Officially. Goodbye.

Posted by Agent64 - October 23rd, 2014

Well, hello, everybody in my small community of now 3 fans. I don't have any real significant news; I just haven't been contributing much, that's all. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Tell me something I didn't know". I can read thoughts. XD

Well, the real reason I'm here is to talk among my (once again) small community. I guess I've just been kinda busy doing numerous neglected projects, and not focusing on uploading my newer stuff here. Maybe I should just skip the older crap and only upload the newer (actually original/decent) stuff. X3 But I dunno... I guess I've bitten off more than I can chew.

Not only do I have my Youtube account where I am uploading new videos every weekend, but also my website, which I am meaning to update. I guess maybe I should limit the number of things I'm working on, or do something about all this... I'm trying to get back to NewGrounds, but I keep finding myself gravitate in different directions. But I do promise I will keep making videos on here, I just don't know how frequently that'll be for the time being.

Well, other than that, I'm also kinda (just maybe) procrastinating. I am a person, so I can have fun, too. XD For the most part, I work on videos for the internet, but frequently I break from things like that. And I've also been learning how to play guitar, so maybe I might end up writing songs, too. Really, animation is a some-what tedious thing at times, so it's pretty nice to do something else for a change.

And this whole animation thing, I'm not making a living off of it. I plan to in the future, but until then, I have much more to do. Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is work on a video after being busy. :/ 

But all of this is not to say that I won't make videos anymore, or that I am losing interest. I will be making more videos; that much I can promise. But what I can't promise is that I'll be able to make them frequently, or continue making new videos every week on my Youtube channel, for that matter.

Normally, I would have tons of videos already uploaded; however, there is a video that I want to upload first, titled Mario VS Sonic (yeah, another one. I know). I just want to upload that and get it out of the way, first, along with a lot of other older videos, and then upload my newer ones, all in the order in which they were created. I guess the reason I'm doing this is because to me, uploading them in the wrong order seems kind of like releasing episodes to a series in the wrong order, even though it's a little different than that... I dunno. But that's how I've decided to do it, and at this point, I'm not really going to change my mind.

Posted by Agent64 - September 6th, 2014

Well, hello there, everyone in my now 2 fan channel; as opposed to a 1 fan channel. That's good news; but I have something far more important to say. After all, I'm not here just for fans; I also want to make things for all of you to (hopefully) enjoy.

Well, anyways, I'm here to bring you great news. I'm working on a new original series entitled The Video Game Man. I've already uploaded the intro (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/645600), but as for the actual series, I'm still working on episode 1. Overall, I'm about half way done (that might be an understatement, or possibly an overstatement...) with it.

The series is basically about Ivan, The Video Game Man (obviously the main character), who somehow got trapped in the real world with his roommate, Glenn. Glenn is a pretty typical man, while Ivan is always playing video games constantly without taking any responsibilities. The Final Boss from Ivan's game also managed to get stuck out of his game, and constantly pulls Ivan along with Glenn into many adventures. Glenn, being just an average American who simply works and enjoys weekends, is dragged into many of these.

I originally thought of this concept just out of the blue from inspiration from many other cartoon shows. I wanted to make one of my own, and from a love of video games, this came to mind. I immediately started writing scripts, but it wasn't until I actually started making the first episode when the characters had names. Well, BluFlame (http://burningblueness.newgrounds.com) actually came up with their names, along with their appearances. She also drew the art for the intro, AND conposed the music for the intro.

As far as other contributions, UltimaBurnie and Plasmarift are doing the voice acting for this series. More specifically, UltimaBurnie (http://ultimaburnie.newgrounds.com) is doing the voice acting for Glenn and The Final Boss, and Plasmarift (http://plasmarift.newgrounds.com) is doing the voices for Ivan, The Video Game Man himself, along with any extra characters that are to appear throughout the series.

So, there you have it. If you like video games, you'll hopefully like this series. If you don't like video games, then you might still like this series. And if you don't, hopefully you'll like some of my other future videos. And if not, then I guess you can't please everyone. -_-


Posted by Agent64 - June 3rd, 2014

Sup, people of my one-fan Newgrounds channel. I now have an official website, which has all of my animations in video format. I will also add on to the site and make improvements, and that includes more pages, more videos, better quality, and the option of viewing the videos in original SWF format. I might also make my own video player eventually, but for the time being, I used the HTML5 video player. My friend, FireFox, did most of the HTML coding, so his skills in website creation should be aknowleged. There is one minor problem, however. The thing is, the videos may not work on certain browsers. But as soon as I make proper improvements, it should be highly compatible with any browser, old to new. If you want to take a visit, here is the link:


As for videos here on Newgrounds, yeah. I know. I haven't been uploading much, and I even said that I was "coming back from the grave", and that I "really was going to pay more attention to my Newgrounds account". This is all true, however, I am currently setting aside all priorities for a video I am doing called "Kitty". It will be uploaded to Youtube first, and I will include a link. As soon as I upload it here, I will make sure it's clear. But what I did do as for an effort for more videos on Newgrounds, is I made the How to Animate interactive Flash, and I'm going to finish Sonic's ending on Mario V.S. Sonic, and also re-upload everything I have so far, and include more stuff, such as a pre-loader, a pause, and a play, as well as a video progress indicator.

Posted by Agent64 - May 11th, 2014

As I said in my previous article, I was coming back from the grave. That being stated, I released a new video, which happens to be an interactive tutorial, called How to Animate.

There are a few problems, however. In every review I have had so far, everybody has commented that the text is too hard to read. This may seem like a minor thing, but there are a few more problems. The "Video Tutorials" and "Download Links" buttons do not do anything currently.

Considering all of the above, I am going to make an updated version; or maybe two, or three; depending on the changes and features that are going to be added. So, before you give the video a bad rating just because some things here and there aren't quite as expected, just know, that I will be making improvements in the near or far future.

Also, I believe I did mention in my previous article that I am going to upload an animation called Mario V.S. Sonic as my next video. And yes, I am still going to live by my promise, even though it was made a few weeks ago. The only set back is, it is partially unfinished, even though it was started over a year ago. My goal is to have it so that you can select who you want to win, from of course either a choice of Mario or Sonic. Mario's victory is finished, but Sonic's is not. I do, however, have Mario's victory on Youtube. Here's a link:


Just to give you a good understanding of what the tutorial looks like, here's a screenshot (it's only the title screen; it doesn't reveal too much about it, but here it is anyways):


Posted by Agent64 - April 20th, 2014

I've been letting my Newgrounds account sit for quite a while now, and, yes, I did say some time in December that I would get back to it. Which, yes, I DID get a video up, and a couple news articles. But since then, I've done nothing to improve my page. So, no, I'm not ACTUALLY coming from a grave, and no, I'm not a zombie, but I will be catching up with everything I haven't uploaded yet. Some of it could end up on the front page, if I was lucky.

Unfortunetely, the A.R.O. format will not work for some of my videos, only because the entire thing uses unoriginal content, and for me to own the rights, I would have to remake the entire video. (A.R.O. is an acronym invented my me, and it stands for All Rights Owned). Just a heads up, my next video will be an animation called Mario V.S. Sonic. I finished Mario's ending quite a while back, but I only have one scene done in Sonic's ending.

I'm also going to re-upload everything I have up so far, and it's going to include my "SpiceDawg Video Player". The first thing it's going to have, and probably the most useful for slow computers, is a pre-loader. You can actually skip to the video while it's pre-loading, but that usually causes quite a bit of lag on some videos, so I don't recommend it (unless you're running a fast computer). You will also be able to stop the video and play it, and there is also a progress indicator. Unfortunetely, it would've been a little bit too difficult to program it to be able to be moved to certain parts of the video, only because I'm completely unexperienced with ActionScript. Maybe I'll include that in later versions.

The only reason I'm not uploading as much animations on Newgrounds is because it's a harder process. You would think it would be easier to upload original, uncompressed SWFs (especially considering the fact that I was having trouble with video conversions at first), but, not exactly. First of all, I do use video editing software to edit my videos, and I can't exactly do that when they're SWFs. My intro is usually a different resolution than the video, the credits are composed separately, and it's much easier to handle that stuff by editing the video. Not to mention, the file sizes go up when you add on all kinds of extra crap to an SWF. But, I'll just cope with it. I'll try to upload stuff to Newgrounds more often then I have been, and, as I've said, my next one will be Mario V.S. Sonic.

Posted by Agent64 - April 15th, 2014

I just changed my name from "spicedawgz" to "Agent64", if you didn't notice. I did this for a few reasons. First of all, I didn't capitalize anything in "spicedawgz", and second of all, "Agent64" was going to be my username for quite a while until I decided on the whole "SpiceDawg" thing. Now that I think about it, I actually like Agent64 a little better. And THIRD of all, when I first got my Youtube account, I had it as "SpiceDawgZ", only because I foolishly and mistakedly typed "Z" instead of "X". I used that as my Newgrounds name, just to be consistent, but then I decided to change my Youtube name again. And, my main reason, is because the name "Agent64" was what I used when I first started animating anyways.

Posted by Agent64 - February 5th, 2014

This is something I've thought about for a while, and I can't prove it, because it's just a theory and all, plus, I'm no scientist. However, I just decided to share this with my 1-fan channel, so I can get some comments, people can tell me what they think, etc.

So, there's always been a theory that using 100% of your brain will allow you to physically levetate objects and/or do other things, just by using only your brain. Once again, I'm no scientist, so I have no way of knowing if it's true or not, and I have no way to proove it. But for the time being, let's just all assume this is a fact and not fiction. So, if our brains really are capable of those kinds of things, would the ignorance of knowing you can't pass through a wall, or the belief that you could pass through a wall, allow you to do that, regardless of the fact that that is physically impossible? But as an instinct, we cannot actually force ourselves to believe such things, because we know it's impossible. But would we be able to break the laws of physics, just by believing we could do something that never could be done? If we had the ability, just believing that this theory is true might make this true to ourselves, of course regarding that this theory is accurate in the first place. And of course, this would mean that all our boundaries lie right in our head, literally, and we cannot think outside of the box, literally. So, if we were given the ability to believe these things somehow, then would that mean all of the things we're limited to, would suddenly become bypassable? Would it be literal if someone told you all you had to do is believe, and you'd be able to accomplish anything?

This is all of course only philosophical, so I'd take it with a grain of salt. It's like the theory, if a tree falls, and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make sound? Most likely, it does, but how can we be so sure? Scientifically, yes, if a tree hits the ground, there is bound to be a noise. But maybe there is an essence greater than science that determines this. It could be some religious belief, it good be a greater power, who knows. There might not be any of that at all. And that is phylosophy, right there in a nutshell.

Posted by Agent64 - December 25th, 2013

Hey, all you people in my 1-fan channel! I just uploaded a new animation called "Yottabyte". You can check it out if you want, but it's nothing THAT special. If you like it, give it some stars, tell me what you think. That really makes me happy to see.

Like I said, I only have 1 fan, so I'm hoping uploading some stuff here will boost my popularity. I've been neglecting my Newgrounds account for quite a while, and I decided it's time to make some changes. I got quite a bit of catching up to do, considering that I have much more on Youtube than on here, but, hey, I'm progressing.

As for uploading stuff on Newgrounds, I'm uploading them in A.R.O., which stands for All Rights Owned. I thought it seems more professional to make original content, plus, I might be able to make money off my animations some time in the future. But if you don't like that, don't worry; I'm uploading stuff on Youtube that has all kinds of unoriginal content. Yeah, I have to modify things just a bit in order to upload them to Newgrounds. But that's okay. For more information about this, just read the description in the Yottabyte video.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to all my great viewers and my one fan (which will hopefully increase)!

Posted by Agent64 - August 9th, 2013

Welcome to my Newgrounds channel. This mostly just has my animations and games, although I do not make very many games. I also collaborate with other people through Newgrounds, because this site makes it easier. I do upload my animations to Youtube, too, but here on Newgrounds, your #1 benefit is being able to see my animations as original .SWF formats in HD rather than compressed MPEG4s. Also, you will be able to play my games here, but I'm not that good at making games, so I just recommend watching some high-quality animations :D